Chiropody Pedicures

A 45 minute chiropody pedicure is perfect for anyone wanting a more through and intensive treatment. The treatment addresses all aspects of foot health and is ideal if you are going on holiday and want beach ready feet, or you are in need of a foot overhaul.

During the treatment we will shape & buff the nails and remove any hard skin. We also treat other common conditions including ingrowing toenails, corns, calluses, fungal infections and cracked dry heels, leaving your feet looking and feeling fantastic.

Why chiropody pedicures vs. traditional spa pedicures?

Spa pedicures “sterilise” instruments between use by placing them in bright blue barbicide or a similar product. However, podiatrists use one-time only tools (blades and drill tips,) which come from sealed packages and are immediately discarded after use. Also because a chiropody pedicure is performed on dry feet there is no risk of infection arising from a shared footbath. Everything is extremely hygienic whereas hygiene or sanitation standards cannot always be guaranteed in popular nail salons. With a higher turnover, standards tend to decrease and the likelihood of fungal infections, cross-contamination or ingrown nails (due to poor cutting) increases.