Appointments & Fees

Appointments and Fees

To make an appointment please call in at the clinic or telephone 01923 268787. Alternatively, please use our booking enquiry or contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please cancel giving at least 24 hours advanced notice, or you may be charged a cancellation fee.


Osteopathy & Physiotherapy
Principal Osteopath Consultations/Treatment (paid at the time of the appointment)
£60 (30 mins)
Associate Osteopaths and Physiotherapists Consultations/Treatment (paid at the time of the appointment)
£50 (30 mins)
Remedial, Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage1/2 hour
3/4 hour
1 hour
Sports Therapy / Sports Massage1/2 hour
3/4 hour
1 hour
Reflexology1 hour
Prescription Orthoticsfrom£380
Pre-moulded Orthoticsfrom
Missed Appointment without prior notice
Full Charge
Cancellation within 24 hours
Half Charge
Domiciliary Visit
£100 + Consultation


You can pay by cash, cheque and most credit cards. Fees are payable after each appointment.

Private Health Insurance

The clinic is recognised by all major health insurance companies. Please check the terms and conditions of your individual policy and obtain the appropriate authorisation to confirm that you are covered for the full cost of the treatment. All patients are ultimately responsible for any unpaid fees. In the table below are the private health insurance provider numbers for the Principal Osteopath, Edward Buckwald.

Provider Numbers

Vitality Health
Edward Buckwald
Simply Health
Edward Buckwald