12 Benefits Of Wearing Custom Made Orthotics

  1.  Specifically designed and made to fit the exact shape, size and function of your feet
  2.  Helps you walk and stand more comfortably
  3.  Reduces leg and back ache in 9 out of 10 patients who have been prescribed them (at The Abbots Langley Clinic)
  4.  Can help provide relief from painful feet
  5.  Supports and maintains the alignment of your natural foot arches
  6.  Improves your posture by aligning your ankle, knee and hip joints
  7.  Specialist product range for your individual sporting activities
  8.  Extremely versatile and  easily transferable between your footwear
  9.  They make your footwear more comfortable
  10.  Suitable for adults and children of all ages
  11.  Guaranteed to last for years without the need to change them
  12.  The best investment you will make for every step you take!