Orthotics cost between approximately £370 – £450. Until we actually see your feet and assess your individual needs we cannot guarantee a price. Please note, we do rarely encounter an unusual foot that requires extra work to manufacture the orthotic, so this price guide is only approximate. These prices do not include the consultation time, which should be added to the total cost.

We only supply the very best orthotics and therefore can offer you “a truly unique and guaranteed service and product”. Many of our patients can testify to this. Please take a moment to read our testimonial page.


The Care Plan will cover you in the event of replacing outgrown, lost, stolen or accidentally damaged orthotics. It is arranged directly through our manufacturing laboratory and will offer coverage for a full two years from the date you are fitted with your orthotics, at a cost of £60. You will be sent a certificate of cover which you will need in the event of a claim. At the end of your coverage you may extend the care plan and receive an additional two years protection for a further £60. The care plan does NOT cover any of your practitioner’s professional fees or the replacement of any top covers and extensions. You are NOT covered for any future change in your orthotic prescription (this does not apply to children under the age of sixteen). All replacements must be dealt with in consultation with your practitioner and not the lab.


One free pair of replacement orthotics due to outgrowth is available to patients up to the age of sixteen. Extending your cover every two years will allow additional outgrowth replacements to be supplied. Old orthotics must be returned back to the lab.

Loss or Theft

Orthotics that have been lost or stolen will be replaced. Only one pair will be issued within any two year period of cover.

Accidental Destruction

Orthotics that can no longer be worn due to accidental destruction or breakage will be replaced. Damaged orthotics must be sent with the claim.