They’ve completely changed my life

Joe Sanders

From the assessment and sizing of my orthotics, to the improved balance and posture I now can achieve when playing – I have been delighted. The 4 1/2 miles walked in comfort can not be forgotten either. Knowing that you have been professionally fitted from the best in their field gives great piece of mind and allows me to concentrate on the areas that I can improve.

Andy McMahon
PGA Professional
Golf Operations Manager at The Grove

During 2014 I began to get significant knee pain which gradually also developed into pain when I was walking, to the point where I stopped walking anywhere beyond a few hundred metres. Having approached my GP I ended up with some NHS orthotics which actually increased the pain which is quite scary at 60, when you know these things are likely to deteriorate rater than improve.

In desperation my wife and I checked out the internet to see what was available and found Edward and the Clinic in Abbots Langley. I am now just over a year on from my first appointment, have no knee pain and am able to walk significant distances without pain; I am now talking miles not metres! Right from the start Edward provided me with a detailed assessment of both my issues and what he could do for me. Some massage and a set of orthotics later the movement in my foot is transformed, and as I say I now enjoy pain free knees.

I am so glad I took the decision to get a second opinion, and for me ever penny spent has been worth it. I now do not fear the idea of getting old and being unable to walk. I would recommend Edward and his team to anyone who has any issues with their feet and legs. You will be treated with respect and given a realistic assessment of your issues and the solutions available.

David Green

I never notice when I have my orthotics in, but I always know when I haven’t….. my back and feet ache.

Tom Hewetson, Osteopath

Since you fitted me with my orthotics, I have had pain free golf for the first time in many years. They feel fantastic and have given me a new lease of life as regards my enjoyment of playing. Many thanks.

Kevin Merry, Senior Golf Instructor, The Grove

I would not put on a pair of shoes without them in!

Phillip Mehl

Having worn a multitude of insoles for the best part of my career, the orthotics you made me, have really helped correct my posture and improved the way I walk. They are so comfortable, you don’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Professor Laurie Hartman, Osteopath

As a seasoned marathon & ultra-marathon runner I obtained running and general orthotics from Edward, with a view to them preventing any potential injuries. Since running in the sports orthotics for a while now, I have increased my training & racing intensity & distance, with no injuries whatsoever. The orthotics have definitely contributed to this. Also the general everyday orthotics have definitely aided me as my job consists of standing for most of the day. I have referred numerous people (mostly runners) to Edward who have also been successfully sorted out with orthotics to help with their running and cure injuries they had. The advice from Edward was sound and I will continue to recommend Edward to runners, injured or not.

Ryan Spencer, Up & Running, Watford

With a busy coaching diary I find I am on my feet for up to 12 hours a day without taking the time to sit for just 5 minutes. This was beginning to take its toll. I was constantly feeling tired and found I could not refresh in the little time off I was taking. The tiredness and aches and pains were not only effecting my work but also my social life, as my golf was deteriorating and going home to bed was more appealing than venturing onto the golf course after work. This had taken the enjoyment away from the game I love so much and I didn’t have the drive to play or compete.

After Edward explained what effects work was having on my body and that he could help to improve my situation I was intrigued. Earlier this year I visited The Abbots Langley Clinic to be fitted for orthotics. In only a matter of weeks I could feel a change. Now, after using the orthotics I could not be without them. The aches and pains have gone and so has the tiredness.

After analysing my golf swing on camera, my posture has also improved tremendously. I am now starting to hit shots that I couldn’t hit before due to my poor posture and limited spinal rotation.

Edward has made a priceless change to my life. I now feel more energised and can work harder and longer with a sharpness I did not previously have due to tiredness. I am also playing golf again regularly and feel that I can now improve. I have found the drive I need to play the game that gives me so many rewards. Thanks Edward!

Rob Darwin, Head PGA Professional, Moor Park Golf Club

I sustained a severe open ankle injury in 2007. For the first 2 and a half years, I was wearing Birkenstock sandles and shoes partly because my leg was swollen, but at this time I could only walk for about 2 hours a day and had intermittent pain and would limp at times.

In 2010, I decided to seek out orthotics to see if this could improve my situation as I was starting to experience pain in my supporting (good) leg and the heel bone of the bad leg had begun to throb at night. I had spoken to a couple of podiatrists before finding The Abbots Langley Clinic, and whilst they offered good advice, the thing that impressed me about Edward was that he made time to speak to me on the phone before I made an appointment.

Edward took castings of my feet in July and as he watched me walk he took meticulous notes about my gait and how I turned when walking. The orthotics arrived and he asked me to walk outside the clinic whilst he watched my walking pattern and was very happy with the outcome. The wear in period for me lasted a few months, but I could wear them initially for 2 hours at a time, which slowly increased and by February 2011 I was wearing them on a full-time basis and I can walk for longer without suffering the consequences. The end result is that the supporting leg no longer hurts and my heel bone does not throb at night.

I never really expected the orthotics to work and just presumed that I would have continouos pain permanently as a result of my injury, and Edward was cognisant that I was skeptical, even when I left with them in my hand. I couldn’t recommend Edward highly enough, both the service and the outcome has been outstanding.

Trudi Roach

“In 2014 my then 10-year-old son was diagnosed with Hypermobility.

We saw a local private Orthopaedic Consultant and was recommended Amazon children insoles. Unfortunately, the insoles didn’t help with my son’s limping and on recommendation we went to see Edward at the Abbots Langley Clinic: And BOY! Was this a good decision?

Edward is easy to talk to, great with kids and after thoroughly reviewing my son’s condition recommended he make bespoke Orthotics.

My son is a very keen footballer and since wearing the custom-made orthotics he is no longer limping, complaining of sore feet and runs around the pitch with no problem whatsoever. What is especially impressive is that once the match finishes he isn’t walking with any discomfort, which he was previously doing. He got used to wearing them on day 1 and we’ve never looked back.

The orthotics aren’t cheap, but they are the best investment we’ve made for my son – thoroughly recommended!”

Michelle Allen

Edward, I would just like to thank you for getting me back on my feet again. I am so glad I came to see you, “your the tops”!

I am very pleased with the orthotics, I am going from strength to strength and am now back to a very active life, at the age of 80!

Doug Masters

I have had back pain which has been on and off for the last seven years. Doctors have told me “it will go away” and taken X-rays to prove there is nothing structurally wrong. Two chiropractors have given me treatment which brought short-term relief – with the problem then returning. No-one seemed to know what was causing the pain. When I came to Edward I had pain in my shoulder, neck, face, arms, hips and then in the knee and foot! The first visit was a revelation, with him diagnosing that my foot arches were falling inwards, causing the pain, as my whole body tried to re-align itself. Within a short time I had orthotic insoles supplied and things started to change. The pains gradually eased and I feel more free and confident than I have in years. We have got to the root of the problem.

Jenny Shaw

If it hadn’t been for my wonderful orthotics I would be crippled today. Having been diagnosed with a painful and potentially crippling osteo-arthritic big toe, I was prescribed orthotics by Edward. An impression of each foot was taken and the most appropriate style of orthotic was discussed. The whole process was personal, professional and efficient. The orthotics have transformed my walking. I can walk without pain, in the knowledge that no further damage is being done in my affected foot and that damage is being prevented in my unaffected one. I would sincerely recommend the orthotics and the service provided by The Abbots Langley Clinic.

Christine Ayrton

I would not be without them!

Robert Fortey, House Manager, Moor Park Golf Club

I had problems with my back, neck and shoulders for years until I went to see Edward. I was surprised to find out that it was my feet that were causing my problem and that it could be sorted so easily. I have worked for the past 13 years with adults who have learning disabilities and mental health issues and I am on my feet all day, which did not help. At one stage I had to stop exercising as the pain was so bad. I got my orthotics in February 2009 and there has been a huge improvement with my posture and back problems. I can stand all day in comfort. I would recommend that anyone with back problems gets them.

Rebecca Wells

We would just like to say how grateful we are to you, for helping our son Tommy (Aged 8). It is a pleasure to see him free from the pain that he had every time he ran or did games at school. You immediately diagnosed his problem and two weeks later he walked out of your clinic with his custom made orthotics. He is so happy to be free from the pain and misery and we cannot thank you enough for “waving your magic wand”!

Mr & Mrs Ward

Five years ago I walked into the Abbots Langley Clinic after having eighteen months of back trouble and numerous attempts to sort it out. Edward diagnosed the problem and advised me of the benefits of using orthotic inserts to help my problem. When the problem arose again a few months later, I went back and had the orthotic inserts made and thankfully haven’t had a problem since.

Over the last five years I have used three of the masseurs and Edward on various sporting injuries, all who have been first class and very friendly, as are the reception staff. They say the best form of advertising is by word of mouth. I was recommended by a friend and I have recommended the Clinic to my wife and numerous friends and they are all grateful!

Thank you so much

Stuart Weidner

For many years I have suffered with a burning sensation on the balls of my feet when walking in heels and sandals. I would regularly have to visit a chiropodist to remove calluses and small corns but this year it all came to a head when I had back trouble. I was told, years ago, I needed arch supports in my shoes and I have spent a fortune over the years on trying to find shoes that had good arch support built in, which is nearly impossible.

I have also trawled the internet to find good orthotics. If I did find a good orthotic then they never fitted my shoes properly. Then earlier this year I came across The Abbots Langley Clinic website and gave them a call. At last, I have found someone who has resolved my problems. After an initial consultation where it was explained to me, in detail, how their ultra thin bespoke orthotics would help me, I had a mould taken of my feet. I can highly recommend Edward for his knowledge and expertise as I can, at last, now walk pain free with no back problem or sore feet.

We have just bought a Cocker Spaniel puppy and I am looking forward to many long pain free walks.

Yours Happy Feet

Linda Green

After several years of pain in my ankle, knee and hip, I was referred to Edward, by my Orthopaedic Consultant. He quickly diagnosed the problem and within two weeks my orthotics were made and I was wearing them. I am now walking correctly. My body is realigned and I am walking without pain. Thank you, Edward, for your professional care and the excellent treatment which I have received. I will certainly recommend your service to others and I will definitely not leave home without them.

Susan Burrows

At work I walk at least six miles a day on solid concrete floors and over the years this has taken its toll on my hips and lower back.

Regular visits to Edward eased these problems but in the end it was my posture and gait that was at fault. Since Edward spoke to me about trying out orthotics and having now used these custom-made inserts in my work shoes and daily footwear I feel I walk more upright and with a more positive, spring like step and certainly feel that the problems with my lower back and hips seem to have very much improved.

Sally Garwood

I would just like to say a big “thank you” for making me my orthotics. I am now able to play netball and hockey and for the first time my ankles don’t hurt when I run. I am so happy to be playing sport for my school teams and it’s all thanks to you.

Anna B (Aged 12)

Having gone from not being able to walk down the road without severe pain in my anklebones, I am now three months further on and back walking my dogs. Progress sometimes seemed very slow but gradually over the weeks a slow improvement occurred.

One thing I have noticed is that the large bunion joints in my big toes look so much smaller and my big toes are no longer stiff. Progress is still happening and I expect a full recovery soon.

Rosemary Brander

When it was suggested that orthotic inserts in my shoes would help headaches, backaches and foot pain, I was sceptical. But I have now been wearing them for five months, and am totally convinced. I wear them all the time, including slippers, and swimming shoes. The searing pain from plantar fasciitis in my feet has pretty well disappeared, and I feel altogether better.

Hazel Fenton

In 1993 I started my career as a Make-Up consultant standing in extremely high heels on concrete flooring for nine hours a day. At eighteen, looking good was more important to me than comfort and so you can imagine that by the time I was twenty-four, I had developed a nasty pain in my lower back. I visited my doctor many times over the next nine years, which normally resulted in them giving me pain killers, doing blood tests and telling me that it was due to me being tall at 5’8” and to lower the heels, which I eventually did.

One doctor referred me on to a Physiotherapist which helped for a small amount of time but the pain would always return. As I didn’t get a permanent solution, I felt that I would never find out exactly what was causing this ever increasing pain in my lower back. I found that all kinds of sport that I used to be able to do, now aggravated the pain, so I subsequently stopped all exercise. I had trouble sleeping in most positions, but found putting a pillow between my legs, as recommended by the Physiotherapist, helped.

So basically between the ages of twenty-seven to thirty-two I was in regular pain during the day and night and tired from lack of sleep. I was getting really irritable and worn down with the pain. After a particularly bad night I decided to have one last go at finding the cause to my bad back. So after visiting the doctor again and two clear blood tests later, I was sent away with more pain killers and still they did not know what the problem was.

I remembered an Osteopath that my mum had recently used when she had slipped a disc. I made an appointment to see Edward at the Abbots Langley Clinic. Edward listened to me as I explained about my back pain and the various pills, lotions and different foot wear I had tried over the years. Edward then examined me. I couldn’t believe it when Edward told me that he knew exactly what my problem was.

I had a collapsed foot arch which was causing an apparent leg length difference on the same side that I had the back pain. Edward explained that my foot arch was turning inwards causing a difference in leg length which was causing the pain in my back. He also explained that my body would try and correct this action at night, which was why I found it painful and difficult to sleep at night. Edward recommended that I could have some orthotics, custom made, to support my foot arch so that this would take the pressure off and relieve the pain. The orthotics took about two weeks to be made, during which I had two sessions of acupuncture which dramatically helped with the pain. After trying on my orthotics to see how they would feel, the immediate relief was amazing.

I now find I have so much more energy and I am sleeping so much better. I have been wearing the orthotics for about six weeks and I do not really experience any pain any more, which is fantastic compared to how much pain I used to be in. I will be starting some exercise soon which will be great as I have not been able to for a few years.

I highly recommend if any of my symptoms are similar to yours, that you visit Edward. It may just be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Karen Grasso

When I went to see Edward with a very painful foot I was really miserable, as walking was so uncomfortable. Edward examined my foot and decided that orthotics would probably solve the problem. He fitted the orthotics into my shoes, and when I stepped into them, I couldn’t believe the difference.

From walking on hot coals to instant comfort, it literally changed my life. It may seem extravagant praise, but although I may not look ten years younger, my feet and I certainly feel it!

Jane Fisher

You have changed my feet! Thanks to your care and fitting the orthotics in my shoes (high heeled stilettos most of the day!) I am so comfortable. Before I suffered corns and aches most of the day and now my feet are free from discomfort.

Vicki Curtis

I would like to let you know that the orthotics you recently prescribed have worked wonders for me. I have suffered many months of low back and knee pain and now it is great to be able to walk merrily and pain free. Thank you once again for solving this problem.

Mike Benson

Thank you so much for examining my painful knee and prescribing orthotics. Since wearing them, I feel so much better and no more pain when walking. After two weeks of wearing orthotics I went to Australia, I have never walked so much. I am also pleased to tell you that I have walked up the Great Wall of China with great comfort and have no pain. Orthotics are worth every penny and will be highly recommended by me. Once again thank you for your treatment and kindness.

Julia Stephens

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for fitting and ordering my orthotics. They have made a great difference to my sporting and every day life, and it was easier and quicker to get used to them than I thought it would be.

As well as correcting the initial problem of collapsed arches I no longer get tired legs when on my feet for some time. I was also experiencing a recurring injury on the outside of my right knee, but since I have been playing rugby with the orthotics in I have not had a hint of that injury. As a result of using the orthotics I am able to do more exercise than before with less pain and injury.

Robert Kennedy

I have been using my orthotics in my shoes for fourteen months now. I find them very supportive and I wear them in my shoes all day. I find they are more comfortable than wearing slippers. They have helped me with my walking and corrected the way I walk, so that I can now walk further and in comfort from pain. I am 85 years of age. I was in considerable pain following a fall and breaking my ankle at 80 years old.

Ivy Thick

Hi Edward,

Apologies for the delay in sending you a testimonial regarding my appreciation of the orthotics you ‘fitted’ for me a few months ago, but I’ve been so busy walking and getting on with life without the constant companion of aching legs, knees and ankles, following the very bad damage I had incurred to my ankle in June 2009.

As you know, I was absolutely delighted because the day after they were fitted, I was in London visiting for client meetings, and I found that I was able to walk effectively between the meetings. And even more to my joy, I found my concentration had improved as I wasn’t concerned about walking to the next appointment or back to the station and I didn’t have any constant nagging pain!

I know that you had warned me that I may not be able to wear them for more than a couple of hours at first, but the impact of having the orthotics in my shoes from day one was so positive, was that I found I could wear them nearly all day. The effect on my back and hips was also quite amazing!

So many thanks for recommending the orthotics and the good advice you give with their usage.

P.S I also found your web site most helpful in explaining the process.

Angela Morvan

I just thought I would write to thank you for your help in overcoming my symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. I had suffered for many years with a feeling of bruising in my heels and in particular suffered from a sharp and persistent pain in my right heel during driving. This pain was first noticeable after several hours of driving and became so intense that I would need to stop to rest my foot. Over the years the amount of time spent driving before the onset of the pain became shorter and the required periods of rest became longer and noticeably less effective while residual pain persisted some days after any very long car journey. Eventually this condition became so debilitating that I decided to go to the GP about it. I had no idea, until then, that this was something suffered by others. After a referral to a consultant, I was then referred on to you for treatment at your clinic in Abbots Langley.

Although the condition was more evident in my right foot, provoked by driving, I was surprised to find from your examination that the condition was very evident in both feet and that I had simply been adjusting for it. The intense pain in what I came subsequently to learn was my plantar tendon was very clear when touched. I was also surprised that, in ignoring the condition and simply trying to soldier on, my entire posture might have been detrimentally affected and contributed to provoking other issues such as my lower back weakness. It was good to know that this was going to be treatable without drugs or surgery!

You gave me a course of massage therapy and took an exact cast of the base of each of my feet in order to obtain a pattern for the creation of moulded supports to go in my shoes. These supports, or orthotics, fit my feet exactly and hence are a much more precise solution than standard “out of a box” alternatives. I have been wearing my orthotics for a couple of months now. I switch them between whichever shoes I am wearing and they add so significantly to the comfort of wearing shoes that I find myself continuing to wear my shoes around the house simply because this feels better. The pain in my lower feet has completely cleared up and I can drive for long periods without the sharp pain developing in my heel. Only very occasionally do I notice even low levels of residual bruising in my heel from long periods of driving and I am continuing to see this diminish. I have also noticed a general improvement in my posture and hence a diminishing of other muscular pain that had been troubling me.

This improvement has been the result of only a few months treatment so I am very happy with what has been achieved. I wear my orthotics all the time and would be lost without them.

With many thanks

Laurence Milsted

I would just like to say that the orthotics are a great success. Most especially the full length orthotics for my trainers and walking boots are proving worthy of all those pirouettes I made round the clinic. Going to the gym has been transformed into a pleasurable experience as I feel much more confident in how I am walking and able to cope with the exercise. Walking generally is much better and all the things you said are beginning to happen like the knees are much, much better and the Achilles tendon is improving every day. I cannot thank you enough.

Sue Feakin

Just to let you know how pleased I am with the treatment you have provided at The Abbots Langley Clinic. As you know my problems go back to a motorcycle accident as a teenager which resulted in broken bones being set in such a way that my right leg is now ten millimetres shorter than my left.

After many years of struggling to even up the lengths myself with home made heel lifts, i eventually ended up dislocating bones in my foot, as they did not offer my foot the correct support. The pain when walking any distance ultimately became unbearable.

Within weeks of coming to see you, the combination of the orthotics, which were custom made for me, and your expert treatment, I am walking pain free again for the first time in several years.

It’s been money well spent on expertly made orthotics and professional treatment. I regret not seeking your help years ago.

Cliff Ellis