Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports Massage

Deep, muscular work on specific areas or the whole body. Sports massage includes stretching and exercises that re-educate the muscles in order not only to treat but to correct the problem. It is an essential treatment in sports injury rehabilitation, over-use and repetitive strain injuries

Sports Fitness

Sportspeople from international level to the ‘Sunday Jogger’ are all liable to occasional injury which can interfere with their enjoyment, and even their livelihood.

The treatment of sports injuries by Osteopaths is an increasingly popular choice for sportsmen and women. The Osteopath’s unique skills and detailed knowledge of the body mechanics are being sought by athletes from many disciplines at many levels.

In the past, sports injuries have been examined and treated as separate problems and considered in isolation from the rest of the body.

Treatment has been given to only the injured part. Osteopaths and Physiotherapists consider all the factors which may have led up to and contributed to the injury; these are often just as important as the injury itself and may slow or even prevent total and speedy repair.

Quick recovery
Full examination
Early identification and intervention.

People Say

Having regular sports massages has increased my recovery time and allowed me to have more energy
Samuel R

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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

When a sportsperson consults an Osteopath, he/she examines the posture and condition of those parts which make the human body a dynamic machine – these include the muscles, ligaments and tendons of all joints from head to toe.

The Osteopath examines the strength and flexibility of these tissues and considers how well adapted they are to the individual sportsperson and the chosen sport.

Mobility of the body is of the utmost importance to an athlete. Poor flexibility in the joints will prevent the body performing at its best and is often an important contributory element to injury.

By using manual techniques, the Osteopath provides the body with the best environment for repair, and enables it to function at its best.

So, it is no wonder that individuals and clubs, many at international level use the unique skills an Osteopath and Osteopath can offer.

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