Thomas Newfield M.Ost, BSc

Tom feels privileged to practise the art of osteopathy and see patients progress into a better balance of health out of sometimes long-term pain and discomfort.

Tom takes a global view of health. As well as a full postural examination and treatment, he will look with you at other areas that may be presenting obstacles to health. Within this general approach, he welcomes people with sports and other injuries, and long and short-term back and other joint pain. He treats office, manual and other workers, and also babies, children and new mums using both gentle body adjustment and cranial osteopathy.

He first began treating people in 2002 with therapeutic and sports massage, and now has 17 years’ experience in body work, including 7 years clinical osteopathic work.

Tom enjoys swimming, food, music, crafts and all-round taking care of himself and his wife and young daughter.

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Name:                                                        Thomas Newfield

Profession:                                                             Osteopath