Vasyli Medium Density Full Length Orthotics size Kids to XL

Vasyli Custom Blue Full Length Orthotics size Kids to XL
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Vasyli Medium Density Full Length Orthotics size Kids to XL

Price: £49.00

For most patients, extremely soft, firm or contoured insoles can raise as many problems as they can remedy, so finding a balanced yet supportive insole is crucial. The Vasyli Pro Full Length Insoles are made with a medium density, providing mild support and control that are perfect for use by the average insole user. These insoles provide excellent levels of comfort and come ready to use immediately, with no heat moulding required.





  • Vasyli Pro Full Length Insoles are ready for immediate use, as no molding is necessary.
  • The Vasyli Pro Full Length Insoles include strong intrinsic rearfoot varus posts that help maintain the foot around the subtalar neutral position. These Vasyli insoles have a standard 4 degree varus post.
  • These Vasyli insoles feature deep heel seats and are made from low/medium density material.
  • These pre-molded orthotics are ready to use to help provide effective, lasting relief from many common chronic complaints. Designed by a podiatrist, the Vasyli Pro Full Length Insoles provide natural relief from:
    • Heel pain
    • Knee pain
    • Back pain
    • Aching legs
    • Ball of foot pain
    • Corns & Callous
    • Shin Pain
    • Outside knee and hip pain

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