How We Make Your Orthotics


Pedico are the world leaders in custom-made orthotics. Each pair is created

using cutting edge 3D technology, resulting in the thinnest, most comfortable

foot supports available.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, our precision, custom-made orthotics

utilise ethical and sustainable materials in production and print.

Step 1 Consultation

A one-to-one consultation with a qualified Pedicologist; an orthotic expert who will discuss your symptoms, provide a diagnosis and answer your questions.

Step 2 Creation

After a full biomechanical assessment, your feet will be scanned using our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, producing a high resolution 3D model for our laboratory to create your bespoke orthotics.

A seamless, digital gateway will give you access to the most accurate,

custom-made foot orthotics on the market.

Step 3 Fitting

A follow up consultation and fitting to provide advice on wearing your new orthotics, together with guidance on usage, exercise rehabilitation and reassurance before taking your first step to help improve your symptoms.


Proven technology and research will see your gait, posture and quality of life improve immeasurably.